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November’s Latest Round-Up

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In this newsletter, we’ll provide you a round-up of what’s new, what’s going away, and professional development opportunities.

  • UH Zoom Cloud Recording
  • Live Captioning and Transcription in UH Zoom
  • How to Upload and Share Recorded Videos
  • Technology Field Kits
  • Google Meet
  • Google Sites
  • Credly Digital Badging
  • EMC Workshop Recordings
  • EMC Upcoming Workshops (via Zoom)

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New Updates for Google Apps: Gmail, Meet, and Sites



Gmail now has a button in the toolbar to add an email message to Tasks. Not only will it add to your Tasks list (conveniently in the right side panel of your Gmail) but it automatically puts a link to your email message so you can pull it up quickly from Tasks instead of rummaging through your emails.

Gmail add to tasks button

Gmail Tasks list panel

Once you have the item in your Tasks, you can edit its title and put a due date (which puts an entry in your Google Calendar, too). When you’ve completed the task, click the radio button next to it to cross it off your list! ✔️

Google Meet

Google Meet, a video conferencing platform, is now conveniently in your Gmail making it quick to create or join a Meet. [How-to use Google Meet in Gmail]

Meet in Gmail

Multiple Signatures

Create signatures for different situations or audiences such as: personal, professional, condensed, etc. The “Insert signatures” button is in the Gmail message window when you compose a new message, reply, or forward a message. [How-to create a Gmail signature]

Gmail signatures button

Google Meet

Present high-quality video and audio

Google Meet is a video conferencing platform that many of us are using for remote meetings, office hours, and class sessions. Before you wouldn’t be able to share a streaming video in your session to your audience, but now you can! You can now share audio and video (with audio) by selecting the option to present an individual Chrome browser tab.

Present now button in Meet

See up to 16 webcams in tiled view

Google Meet can now show up to 16 webcams on the screen in tiled view. By default, Meet automatically displays the most active content and participants. Usually if you have three or more participants with webcams in a session and are not presenting (i.e. screen sharing), you will have the tiled layout shown.

16 webcams in tiled viewPhoto credit: Google

Google Sites

The new Google Sites is here! Classic Google Sites will be phasing out in 2021 so if you have any Google Sites you want to continue using, convert them to the new Google Sites before next year. The new Google Sites is modern and simplified with an adaptive interface allowing you to easily create professional-looking websites without having to code. [How to use the new Google Sites]

New Google Sites interface

For those of you who have been using Google Sites as weekly or topic modules for your courses to present content, but use Laulima for assignments, quizzes, forums, etc., you may want to consider using Laulima Lessons, a tool to create/present content modules. Not only is Lessons easy to use and allows you to present your content in an organized and visual way (like being able to embed content), but the advantage over Google Sites is that it can integrate items you have in other Laulima tools. This allows you to pull everything together in Lessons. You can link-in specific assignments from Laulima Assignments, specific discussion topics from Laulima Forums, and more. Contact the Educational Technology unit for assistance.

Google Meet and Zoom Web Conferencing Tools and Tips

The main two UH supported web conferencing tools include UH Google Hangouts Meet and UH Zoom. Here are some helpful resources to help you explore both options.

Using Google Meet

In the video tutorial:

  • How to access Meet (0:44)
  • How to create a meeting (2:06)
  • Check your audio and video settings prior to joining (2:33)
  • Copy join link to share with your students (5:29)
  • Meet interface (6:01)
  • Present entire screen or window (8:40)
  • People list of who’s in your session (9:32)
  • Text chat (10:23)
  • Record meeting (11:03)
  • Recording file saved to My Drive > Meet Recordings (12:47)
  • Change share settings of the video file so students can view recording (13:28)

Google Meet Help Center


  • Create a separate Meet session for each class.
  • Create one Meet session for a Virtual Office.
  • Send your students instructions on how to join the Meet session and include them in your Laulima course sites. Use our template to copy/paste the Meet instructions from on page 1. [Virtual Classroom instructions] [Virtual Office instructions]
  • Create multiple Meet sessions to use as breakout rooms and then assign groups of students to each Meet session.

Using Zoom

Zoom Help Center Tutorials

UH Zoom Blog – latest news and information


  • Zoom Tips – FERPA, breakout rooms, polling, and more

Video and Web Conferencing Tips