1. maya Reply

    thank you. it seems like I cannot embed this link within my laulima “lesson” page. it says it only accepts urls that begin with “https”

    • Brent Reply

      The link is meant to be share with students as a hyperlink and not as an embed. It leads the student to sign up for the Online Learning Orientation (which is a Laulima Course).

  2. Fa'amaile Betty Reply

    This is great! Mahalo for setting this up. Nice touch adding a cert of completion. As incentive, I’m offering extra credit points after proof of completion.

    • bhirata Reply

      Aloha Betty,
      This was an original project by UH ITS. Jordan Lewton then collaborated with UH ITS to modify and facilitate a version for our Leeward audience. Mahalo to them. =)

  3. maya Reply

    How can I get the link to provide this orientation as a first week assignment for my students on Laulima?
    thank you

    • bhirata Reply

      This is the link which you can provide to students to register for the Leeward Online Learner Orientation (Laulima Site) http://go.hawaii.edu/3V7

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