Spring Grades and Summer Plans for Fall 2020

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One last push as we head into finals weeks and grading. We are almost through the semester! In case you missed our workshops last week, we’ve got you covered. Also, we are working hard to provide a professional development series this summer to help you prepare for Fall semester. Don’t miss out on this opportunity; you CanDO it!

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Laulima – End of the Semester

Here are a few handy tips for wrapping up your semester if you’re using Laulima:

  1. Publish grades from Laulima to Banner (MyUH) – Remember to fill in zeroes in the Laulima Gradebook for students who didn’t turn in their assignments. Otherwise, a dash indicates that those items will not be calculated into the students’ final course grade and the student will receive a grade higher than what he/she earned.
  2. Export your Gradebook from Laulima – Use this method if you prefer to export your grades into a spreadsheet before inputting final grades into UH banner or if you prefer to download a spreadsheet file of students’ grades for your records.
  3. Preparing for the next semester – This includes how to publish grades to Banner (MyUH) and copying course materials to next semester’s Laulima course site.

Need more help? Contact the EMC Educational Technologists. For Laulima technical questions, click on the “Request Assistance” link found at the bottom of the Laulima website.

Export Gradebook from Laulima Gradebook

Now that we are just over half-way through this semester, it’s a good idea to backup your classes’ gradebooks from Laulima Gradebook. You never know what could happen, so please make it a habit to backup regularly. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into Laulima and click into one of your course sites.
  2. Click on the Gradebook tool.
  3. Click on the “All Grades” link in the Gradebook’s menu.
  4. Click on either “Export as CSV” or “Export for Excel” button to download the gradebook in one of those file types.
  5. Repeat for all of your Laulima course sites.

For more detailed instructions with screenshots, click to view the “Exporting Gradebook” tutorial from ITS Laulima Support.